Father's light day: 6 wonder and the children who were placed in them, thanked them

It’s almost Father’s Day, which makes it a great opportunity to write your father a letter To celebrate all fathers (and their father) on father’s day, we show some of our favorite letters that we have read so far in “Thank you, Mom and Dad.” A common theme? There’s a lot of love around here! It’s incredible to see how many of you have powerful stories to tell about your father Now, check out this star-shaped ruler of a popular dad Rachel’s father inspired this sweet poem Thank you, Dad, for bringing me up Thanks to the good and good, you’ve always been there for me at night. The woman I’m with today This is a reflection of the words you used to say “ -Rachel Kubitz Caitlin’s father was her constant symbol of the house It’s one thing to read your letters. It’s a different experience. I want to thank my father for the fall campfires and the bikes. I want to thank my father, because that smell, attached to his shirt, when he comes in the door, the mixture of leaves and motorcycle … he reminds me of the house.-Kaitlyn Vanderchoor Father Shannon was thin and thin He’s behind her, he’s working hard for her, the patient with her is just some of the reasons Shannon cheries her father. I want to thank my father, because he helped me through thin and thin. I had an accident last week, and he bought me another small car. He didn’ t have to look for another vehicle for me in his spare time. I was so full of joy that he took care of me to help me fix another one so I could go to work. “-Shannon Dubroil Mason’s father had raised his boys, and he still had time to attend school The difficulties of one parent should not be repeated. It is difficult to be in a position to provide for their children. Mason’s father did it, and He was a father to me and my brothers for four years, and while he was an amazing parent, he went to school night to become a teacher. How he works and serves other people, he inspifies me and makes me want to be the man he is today.-Mason Anderson Anna’s father has always been a mile for everyone else This is the man who calls me and says he’s in front of my job (25 minutes away from home) to get the lunch I forgot in the fridge By this day, I don’t know if I will ever meet someone who is so special to me. “-Anna Chevalier Katy’s grandfather entered the house to fill his father’s role It’s a heartbreak to hear the stories of the fathers who weren’t there, but it makes the letters about the father like these more special. “Go to them!” These three little words of inspiration, which I want to thank my deejay for telling me throughout my life. Ever since my father left me at the age of three, you’ve always been there for me, acting like a father and a grandfather. “-Katie Davidson

That’s my father’s day, thank you

Don’t forget to do something sweet for your dad this weekend It doesn’t have to be expensive ). It could be as simple as writing him a letter that could also win $20,000 Send your letter today so that your dad knows what it means to you and the chances of winning

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